24 Facts About Nathan Cruz


The feud ended at the Second Anniversary show when Nathan Cruz beat Shane in a Last Man Standing match to claim use of the 'Showstealer' moniker.

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Nathan Cruz continued to collect victories, including a defeat of his trainer El Ligero during a feud with NGW Champion Sam Bailey and General Manager Mark Criteria, who refused to allow Nathan Cruz to compete for the championship.

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Nathan Cruz was moved down the card during this period to reflect his diminished status and he would put noticeably less effort into his matches.

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Nathan Cruz was considering retirement from wrestling in the spring of 2013 when he was approached by Matt Myers, who felt sorry for his long time friend and encouraged him to mend his ways.

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On returning to NGW as a face in the summer of 2014, Nathan Cruz engaged in a feud with The Control, specifically current NGW Undisputed Champion Rampage Brown.

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From his return until July 2015, Nathan Cruz competed in the Davey Boy Cup, a loose series of matches between a group of established and up and coming stars in British wrestling with the focus more on in ring performance than wins and losses.

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Nathan Cruz made it to a final choice of three, from whom a winner would be selected by the Hart Smith family.

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Nathan Cruz eventually lost out to Zack Gibson, a fact which angered Nathan Cruz following Gibson's refusal to continue their Cup match when it reached a time limit draw earlier in the year.

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Nathan Cruz pursued a title shot against Rampage Brown throughout 2015, finishing second in the 2015 Destiny rumble to Matt Myers and being repeatedly refused a match by now General Manager Richie West.

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Nathan Cruz would continue to feud with the Control following his championship win, twice defending the title against Mark Haskins in addition to successful defences against El Ligero, CJ Banks and Zack Gibson, a match which ended a long term rivalry between the two stemming from two previous matches which ended in a double pin and a time limit draw respectively.

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In 2010 at age nineteen Nathan Cruz debuted for Brian Dixon's All-Star Wrestling, Europe's oldest and most active wrestling promotion.

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Nathan Cruz spent the summer of 2010 working on All Star's holiday camp tours across the British Isles.

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Nathan Cruz again toured with All Star in 2011, where he worked a long term feud as a heel against El Ligero.

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Between March and December 2012, Nathan Cruz was the first ever Progress Champion, winning it in a four way bout with Mike Mason, Marty Scurll and El Ligero.

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Nathan Cruz eventually lost the belt to El Ligero in a singles bout having bowed to continuous pressure to grant him a title match.

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In 2013 Nathan Cruz was a vocal part of the Screw Indy Wrestling movement and feuded with Stixx.

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Nathan Cruz revealed old enemy El Ligero as another member of the group, renamed the Origin, and that he and Ligero held the championship belts.

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On Chapter 44, Nathan Cruz faced Ligero in a losing effort but attacked him after the match removing his mask.

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On chapter 48 Nathan Cruz defeated Rockstar Spud in a qualifying match to Super Strong Style 16.

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Nathan Cruz then explained in a promo on Progress' YouTube channel that he was walking away from Progress after the promotion did not give him opportunities now that they were expanding to different countries after he was with the promotion since day one.

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Nathan Cruz has regularly attended WWE elite training camps held in the UK.

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In January 2017, during the WWE United Kingdom Championship Tournament, Nathan Cruz wrestled a dark match with Dan Moloney against Tucker and Saxon Huxley in a losing effort.

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Nathan Cruz appeared in the re-boot of World of Sport Wrestling in series 1, taking part in the inaugural Tag-Team competition, alongside Adam Maxted.

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Nathan Cruz is one of the head trainers at NGW's collection of training schools, alongside Matt Myers, Rampage Brown and Screwface Ahmed.

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