Our Mission

A vast amount of the world's knowledge that would be interesting to many people is spread across millions of web pages. Our mission is to connect you with this knowledge through our facts.

Our Stats

3,036,761 published facts across 142,498 pages, that's about 1747 facts added per day since we launched!

How It Works

1. We use natural language processing, artificial intelligence and machine learning technology to figure out (a) what topics are popular and (b) what makes a fact interesting.

2. Our algorithm then collates snippets of factual text and learns from each one.

3. Facts that are deemed to be popular and interesting are then added to our library.


Your trust is important to us. We do our best to ensure the facts we share are true and come from a reliable source.


Our story started in October 2018 and has always been one of discovery. We guarantee you will learn something new each visit.