11 Facts About 5G


In telecommunications, 5G is the fifth-generation technology standard for broadband cellular networks, which cellular phone companies began deploying worldwide in 2019, and is the planned successor to the 4G networks which provide connectivity to most current cellphones.

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Rollout of 5G technology has led to debate over its security and relationship with Chinese vendors.

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Range of 5G depends on many factors: transmit power, frequency, and interference.

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Beyond mobile operator networks, 5G is expected to be used for private networks with applications in industrial IoT, enterprise networking, and critical communications, in what being described as NR-U .

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Air interface defined by 3GPP for 5G is known as New Radio, and the specification is subdivided into two frequency bands, FR1 and FR2 .

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One expected benefit of the transition to 5G is the convergence of multiple networking functions to achieve cost, power, and complexity reductions.

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However, significant improvement in cellular performance specifications in 5G, combined with migration from Distributed Radio Access Network to Cloud- or Centralized-RAN and rollout of cellular small cells can potentially narrow the gap between Wi-Fi and cellular networks in dense and indoor deployments.

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Channel coding techniques for 5G NR have changed from Turbo codes in 4G to polar codes for the control channels and LDPC for the data channels.

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Nonetheless, the DGAC in France has expressed similar worries and recommended 5G phones be turned off or be put in airplane mode during flights.

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The fears about 5G are similar to those that have persisted throughout the 1990s and 2000s.

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However, these pre-5G networks are an improvement on specifications of existing LTE networks that are not exclusive to 5G.

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