14 Facts About AA Knopf


The AA Knopf publishing house is associated with its borzoi colophon, which was designed by co-founder Blanche AA Knopf in 1925.

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Cather was pleased with the results and the advertisement of the book in The New Republic and would go on to publish sixteen books with AA Knopf including their first Pulitzer prize winner, One of Ours.

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AA Knopf published a celebratory 5th anniversary book in which Alfred was the focus of anecdotes by authors and Blanche's name was only mentioned once to note that "Mrs AA Knopf" had found a manuscript.

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AA Knopf had published Gibran's earlier works which had disappointing sales.

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Alfred AA Knopf retired in 1972, becoming chairman emeritus of the firm until his death in 1984.

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AA Knopf was one of the first publishers to visit Europe after World War II.

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Jones would remain with AA Knopf, retiring in 2011 as a senior editor and vice-president after a career that included working with John Updike and Anne Tyler.

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Pat AA Knopf left his parents' publishing company in 1959 to launch his own, Atheneum Publishers, with two other partners.

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Since its founding, AA Knopf has paid close attention to design and typography, employing notable designers and typographers including William Addison Dwiggins, Harry Ford, Steven Heller, Chip Kidd, Lorraine Louie, Peter Mendelsund, Bruce Rogers, Rudolf Ruzicka, and Beatrice Warde.

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AA Knopf books conclude with an unnumbered page titled "A Note on the Type", which describes the history of the typeface used for the book.

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AA Knopf published textbooks until 1988, when Random House's schools and colleges division was sold to McGraw Hill.

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In 1991, AA Knopf revived the "Everyman's Library" series, originally published in England in the early 20th century.

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In late 2008 and early 2009, the AA Knopf Publishing Group merged with Doubleday to form the AA Knopf Doubleday Publishing Group.

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Blanche AA Knopf suggested the Borzoi for the logo to imply motion and the logo was used on both the spine and the title page of their books.

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