32 Facts About Aang


Avatar Aang is the title character and protagonist of Nickelodeon's animated television series Avatar: The Last Airbender, voiced by Zach Tyler Eisen.


Aang is the last surviving Airbender, a monk of the Air Nomads' Southern Air Temple.


Aang is an incarnation of the "Avatar", the spirit of light and peace manifested in human form.


At 112 years old, Aang is the series' reluctant hero, spending a century in suspended animation in an iceberg before being discovered and joining new friends Katara and Sokka on a quest to master the elements and save their world from the imperialist Fire Nation.


Aang's character has appeared in other media, such as trading cards, video games, T-shirts, and web comics.


Aang's reawakening catches the attention of Prince Zuko, the banished son of current Fire Lord Ozai, and Aang is forced to leave, with Katara and Sokka accompanying him after they learn that he is the Avatar.


Aang grows upset and angry and confronts the Sandbenders, learning that Appa has been sold.


Aang is later brought back to life by Katara, using the spirit water given to her by the Northern Water Tribe at the start of the second season.


Later, in the Fire Nation capital, Aang is seen beside Zuko, the new Fire Lord.


Aang then participated in a search for Zuko's mother Ursa, successfully finding her and entering the Spirit World to assist in locating the Mother of Faces, convincing her to grant Rafa a new face.


Aang has a fight with the Rough Rhinos when they try to oust him from the Eastern Fire Refinery.


Ultimately, it resulted in Aang dying at the relatively young biological age of 66.


Aang was out lived by his wife, Katara, and his three children, but he did not live to see his grandchildren, all of whom would become powerful airbenders.


Aang intended for the Order to simply guide and guard Korra, but several mishaps in the aftermath of Aang's death and the still-fragile state of relations between the now-Five Nations resulted in Katara and Tenzin sequestering Korra in a compound at the South Pole, bringing teachers to her instead of allowing her to seek out her own.


Korra struggles with the spiritual aspects of bending and being the avatar, so initially Aang is only able to give Korra glimpses of his memory concerning Yakone in relation to her confrontations with his two sons, Amon and Tarrlok, the products of Yakone's Bloodbending vendetta on the Avatar.


The sequel series' second season reveals that Avatar Aang apparently treated Tenzin as his favorite child, due to his son's Airbender status; Kya and Bumi mentioned to Tenzin that Aang always took Tenzin on vacations with him, but never them.


Tenzin himself insists that Aang loved all his children equally, but that Aang took more precedence in raising him since Tenzin would have to take care of future generations of airbenders.


Iroh's spirit assured her that, even though Aang was no longer able to guide her, she could ask one of Aang's closest friends: Lord Zuko.


Aang's character appeared in the Avatar: The Last Airbender Trading Card Game on a multitude of cards.


Aang appeared in the Avatar: The Last Airbender video game as one of the four playable characters.


Aang appears as a playable racer in Nickelodeon Kart Racers 2: Grand Prix.


Aang appeared in Escape from the Spirit World, an online video game found on Nickelodeon's official website.


Aang is a playable character in the Nickelodeon game Super Brawl Universe.


Aang appeared as a playable character in Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl.


Aang appears as a crossover skin in Brawlhalla for the character Wu Shang.


Tokyopop has published a films comic, in which Aang, being the main character of the show, appears repeatedly.


Aang's character was developed from a drawing by Bryan Konietzko, depicting a bald man with an arrowlike design on his head, which the artist developed into a picture of a child with a flying bison.


The creators of the show intended Aang to be trapped in an iceberg for one hundred years, later to wake inside a futuristic world, wherein he would have a robot named Momo and a dozen bisons.


Aang is depicted showing ethical reluctance in killing the Phoenix King, and eventually strips Ozai of his bending instead of murdering him.


At the start of the series, Aang is initially only proficient in air, having been able to bend it with ease since he was a young child.


Aang utilizes all elements equally, but heavily favors airbending for crowd control and non-lethal purposes, in accordance with his pacifism principles.


Reviews point out that "as the Avatar, Aang seems unstoppable, but as Aang, he is just another Airbender"; the review states later that the show continues to focus on a more realistic character instead of a perfect one by revealing many character flaws.