13 Facts About Aaron Blabey


Aaron Blabey was born on January 1,1974 and is an Australian author of children's books.


Aaron Blabey served as an executive producer on the movie with Patrick Hughes and Etan Cohen.


In May 2019, it was announced that Netflix is developing a movie-musical adaptation of Thelma the Unicorn with Aaron Blabey again serving as executive producer.


Aaron Blabey was born on January 1,1974, in Bendigo, Australia.


Aaron Blabey married the actress and speech pathologist Kirstie Hutton in April 2000.


Aaron Blabey appeared in various television and film roles throughout the 1990s and 2000s and took part in several theatrical productions.


Aaron Blabey's third book, Stanley Paste, was a CBCA Notable Book in the Picture Book category in 2010 as was The Ghost of Miss Annabel Spoon in 2012, which was selected as a prestigious White Raven of 2012 by the International Youth Library in Munich, Germany.


In 2014 Aaron Blabey signed a three-book deal with Scholastic Australia beginning with Pig the Pug, a humorous picture book about a rude, selfish, mean-spirited dog, who always gets into arguments and even fights with his rival playmate, the friendly, polite-mannered, good-hearted Trevor.


Aaron Blabey will serve as an executive producer on the project.


Aaron Blabey serves as an executive producer on the project with Etan Cohen and Patrick Hughes.


Whilst promoting the movie in Los Angeles in April 2022, Aaron Blabey appeared on Marc Maron's podcast WTF and discussed his journey to that point with Maron who played Mr Snake in the film.


In January 2022, about 3 months before the release of the film adaptation of The Bad Guys, Aaron Blabey announced that a new book called Cat on The Run is in development and slated to be released in 2023.


Aaron Blabey has worked as a staff writer at a major advertising agency and spent two years as a lecturer at a prominent Sydney design college.