22 Facts About Aaron Persky


Michael Aaron Persky was born on 1962 and is an American attorney and former judge of the Santa Clara County Superior Court from 2003 to 2018.


Nonetheless, Persky was recalled by voters on June 5,2018, during the 2018 California primary elections.


Aaron Persky briefly coached girls' tennis at Lynbrook High School in the fall of 2019.


Aaron Persky graduated Phi Beta Kappa from Stanford University in 1984 with a bachelor's degree in international relations.


Aaron Persky was the captain of the Stanford men's lacrosse team, a club sport.


Aaron Persky received a master's degree in international policy studies from Stanford in 1985.


Aaron Persky graduated from the UC Berkeley School of Law in 1990 and was admitted to the bar in California in the same year.


In 1997, Aaron Persky joined the Santa Clara District Attorney's Office.


Aaron Persky served on the executive committee of the Support Network for Battered Women and the Santa Clara County Network for a Hate-Free Community.


In 2002, Aaron Persky unsuccessfully ran for a seat on the Superior Court of California in Santa Clara County, losing to Ron Del Pozzo, who was a deputy DA.


Aaron Persky received 102,801 votes, to Del Pozzo's 111,679 votes for Seat 16 on the court.


Aaron Persky received an appointment to the court from California Governor Gray Davis the following year.


Aaron Persky is the former Chair of the Court's Community Outreach Committee.


In June 2016, Aaron Persky was elected without opposition for another six-year term on the bench.


Online petitions calling for Aaron Persky to be removed following his lenient sentencing in the Turner case attracted over a million signatures by June 10,2016.


In June 2016, at least ten prospective jurors refused to serve in a misdemeanor trial for possession of stolen property where Aaron Persky was presiding, citing the judge's sentencing of Turner as a reason.


In 2011, Aaron Persky presided over a civil lawsuit against multiple members of the De Anza College baseball team, who were accused by the minor plaintiff, "Jane Doe", of gang-raping her while she was unconscious until a passerby intervened.


An organization named "Recall Judge Aaron Persky" was established seeking to collect the 80,000 signatures of county voters required to hold a special recall election.


The move to recall Aaron Persky was opposed by the Santa Clara County public defender, who said she was "alarmed by the hysteria" about the Turner sentence.


Aaron Persky initiated a proceeding to enjoin the circulation of the recall petition, which was denied, and Aaron Persky's appeal of that denial was denied.


Aaron Persky became the first judge to be recalled in California in over 80 years.


In October 2018, Aaron Persky was ordered to pay $161,825.68 to Dauber's recall campaign, which Aaron Persky had sued.