11 Facts About Abdul-Razzaq Gilani


Abdul-Razzaq Gilani is sometimes given the Arabic honorary epithet Taj al-Din in Sunni tradition, due to his reputation as a mystic of the Hanbali school.

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Abdul-Razzaq Gilani's patronymic is Abu Bakr although rarely taken as part of his name.

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Abdul-Razzaq Gilani got religious and spiritual education directly from his father benefitting other scholars of his time.

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Abdul-Razzaq Gilani got knowledge of hadith and Fiqh from his father, muhaddiths and learned group of scholars of that time.

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Abdul-Razzaq Gilani was known for his abstinence and renunciation sending most of his time in prayers and dhikr.

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Abdul-Razzaq Gilani only met people to preach turning many devotees into notable scholars and mystics.

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Abdul-Razzaq Gilani was least interested in worldly pleasures and always looked forward to the hereafter.

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Abdul-Razzaq Gilani explained that when he gazed at the sky he saw some celestial spiritual people in the air whose cloaks and turbans were blazing with the extreme fire of Divine passion and they were circling and dancing in the air, they were thundering like clouds with the ache of Divine love.

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Abdul-Razzaq Gilani granted the method of Dhikr and stressed that the way to reach Divinity is not through asceticism or excessive or lengthy prayers but it is selfless love carved out of annihilation in Allah called Divine Love.

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Abdul-Razzaq Gilani's shrine is besides the shrine of Imam Ahmad Bin Hanbal near Baab-e-Harm in Baghdad.

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Abdul-Razzaq Gilani died on a Saturday, the 7 Shawwal 613 AH in Baghdad.

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