10 Facts About Abe Levitow


Abraham Levitow was an American animator who worked at Warner Bros.


Abe Levitow is best known for his work under Chuck Jones' direction.


Abe Levitow was born in Los Angeles, California to William Abe Levitow and Sarah Schlafmitz.


Abe Levitow began working as an in-betweener and assistant animator at Warner Bros.


Abe Levitow briefly left Warner Brothers when he was drafted during World War II working on training films, in which during that time he met Stan Lee and became close friends with him.


Abe Levitow returned to the studio, working as an assistant animator for Ken Harris under the Chuck Jones unit, and he was later promoted to animator in 1950 and would receive his first animations credit in 1953 for the cartoon Wild Over You.


Abe Levitow worked steadily for Jones over the remainder of the 1950s, and directed several cartoons for release in 1959, including the Pepe Le Pew cartoon "Really Scent".

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Abe Levitow co-directed the feature film The Phantom Tollbooth with Chuck Jones at MGM.


Abe Levitow's last completed project was BC: The First Thanksgiving, which aired in November of 1973.


The project was taken over by Richard Williams when Abe Levitow died from a bone tumor during pre-production at the age of 52.