10 Facts About Abidin Dino


Abidin Dino was a Turkish artist and a well-known painter.


Abidin Dino was grandchild of Abedin Dino, Albanian descended Ottoman diplomat.


Abidin Dino started drawing and painting at a young age influenced by his family.


Abidin Dino began his secondary education at the American highschool Robert College of Istanbul, but dropped out to devote himself to painting, drawing and writing.


The exhibition aroused widespread public interest, and that year Abidin Dino was asked to design the Turkish pavilion at the 1939 New York World's Fair.


For eight years from 1954, Abidin Dino participated in the "Salon de Mai" exhibitions in Paris, while Guzin Dino produced programmes for Radio France, taught Turkish at the Oriental Languages Department of the Sorbonne, and did French translations of Turkish literature.


Abidin Dino was always delighted to cooperate with other artists and writers, writing prefaces and drawing illustrations for his friends' books with unbounded generosity.


Abidin Dino was interested in everything that was alive, skillfully capturing images with his brush, pencil and camera.


Abidin Dino died on 7 December 1993 at the Villejuif Hospital in Paris.


Abidin Dino was laid to rest in the Asiyan Cemetery in Istanbul.