11 Facts About Abraham Sinkov


Abraham Sinkov was born in Philadelphia, but grew up in Brooklyn.


Mr Abraham Sinkov taught in New York City schools but was unhappy with the working conditions and anxious to use his mathematics knowledge in practical ways.


Abraham Sinkov received his PhD in mathematics in 1933 from The George Washington University.


In 1936, Abraham Sinkov was assigned to the Panama Canal Zone, where he established the US Army's first permanent intercept site outside the continental United States.


In January 1941, while Britain battled Nazi Germany but nearly a year before the United States entered the Second World War, Captain Abraham Sinkov was selected as a member of a delegation to the United Kingdom for initial sharing of information about the two countries' respective cryptologic programs.


In July 1942, by now Major Abraham Sinkov arrived in Melbourne as commander of the American detachment at Central Bureau.


Abraham Sinkov had worked with Sinkov in Washington and in Panama, and confidently left CB operations under his control.

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Abraham Sinkov remained in this position as AFSA made the transition into the National Security Agency.


In 1954, Abraham Sinkov became the second NSA official to attend the National War College.


Abraham Sinkov lived in retirement in Arizona after two careers, 32 years in NSA, followed by an appointment as a professor of mathematics at Arizona State University.


Colonel Abraham Sinkov is a member of the Military Intelligence Hall of Fame.