13 Facts About Abraham Sinkov


Abraham Sinkov was the son of Jewish immigrants Morris and Ethel from Alexandria, Russia, which is Oleksandriya, Kirovohrad Oblast, Ukraine.

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Abraham Sinkov was born in Philadelphia, but grew up in Brooklyn.

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Mr Abraham Sinkov taught in New York City schools but was unhappy with the working conditions and anxious to use his mathematics knowledge in practical ways.

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Abraham Sinkov received his PhD in mathematics in 1933 from The George Washington University.

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In 1936, Sinkov was assigned to the Panama Canal Zone, where he established the U S Army's first permanent intercept site outside the continental United States.

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In January 1941, while Britain battled Nazi Germany but nearly a year before the United States entered the Second World War, Captain Abraham Sinkov was selected as a member of a delegation to the United Kingdom for initial sharing of information about the two countries' respective cryptologic programs.

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In July 1942, by now Major Abraham Sinkov arrived in Melbourne as commander of the American detachment at Central Bureau.

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Abraham Sinkov had worked with Sinkov in Washington and in Panama, and confidently left CB operations under his control.

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Abraham Sinkov, who demonstrated strong organizational and leadership qualities in addition to his mathematics skills, brought this group of Americans and Australians—representing different military services from their countries—into a cohesive unit.

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Abraham Sinkov remained in this position as AFSA made the transition into the National Security Agency.

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In 1954, Abraham Sinkov became the second NSA official to attend the National War College .

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Abraham Sinkov lived in retirement in Arizona after two careers, 32 years in NSA, followed by an appointment as a professor of mathematics at Arizona State University.

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Colonel Abraham Sinkov is a member of the Military Intelligence Hall of Fame.

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