12 Facts About Absorbed dose


Absorbed dose is a dose quantity which is the measure of the energy deposited in matter by ionizing radiation per unit mass.

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Absorbed dose is used in the calculation of dose uptake in living tissue in both radiation protection, and radiology.

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Conventionally, in radiation protection, unmodified absorbed dose is only used for indicating the immediate health effects due to high levels of acute dose.

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Absorbed dose is equal to the radiation exposure of the radiation beam multiplied by the ionization energy of the medium to be ionized.

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Non-uniform absorbed dose is common for soft radiations such as low energy x-rays or beta radiation.

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Self-shielding means that the absorbed dose will be higher in the tissues facing the source than deeper in the body.

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Additional dosimetry calculations would have to be performed on these figures to arrive at a meaningful effective Absorbed dose, which is needed to estimate the risk of cancer or other stochastic effects.

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Equivalent and effective Absorbed dose quantities are expressed in units of the sievert or rem which implies that biological effects have been taken into account.

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Absorbed dose is used to manage the irradiation and measure the effects of ionising radiation on inanimate matter in a number of fields.

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Absorbed dose is used to rate the survivability of devices such as electronic components in ionizing radiation environments.

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Measurement of absorbed dose absorbed by inanimate matter is vital in the process of radiation hardening which improves the resistance of electronic devices to radiation effects.

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Absorbed dose is the physical dose quantity used to ensure irradiated food has received the correct dose to ensure effectiveness.

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