11 Facts About AC Kajaani


AC Kajaani was founded in 2006 by a merger of Kajaanin Palloilijat and FC Tarmo.

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In 2011, AC Kajaani finally won its long awaited league title, earning promotion to the Kakkonen, in the Pohjoinen group.

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AC Kajaani won the league title in its first year in the Kakkonen and defeated JaPS in the playoffs to earn a second straight promotion, to the Ykkonen, the second tier of the Finnish soccer league system.

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In 2013, AC Kajaani endured a poor year in the Ykkonen, winning only three matches all season long, while earning a relegation back down to the Kakkonen.

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In 2017, AC Kajaani won the league title for Group C and winning the promotion playoffs against KTP.

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In 2018, AC Kajaani experienced its most successful season, finishing in 8th place with 25 points while winning six matches and remaining in the Ykkonen for the following season, a feat Kajaani would repeat in 2019 with another 8th place finish and 24 points.

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In 2020, AC Kajaani renewed its partnership with KaPa Kajaani, who agreed to become the official youth team of AC Kajaani.

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In exchange for the new partnership, AC Kajaani agreed to change its colours from white and black to KaPa's traditional colours of blue and white.

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In 2020, AC Kajaani planned for a large push to make it to the Veikkausliiga and spent €274,819 on player wages, second in the league.

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AC Kajaani required a further investment of €350,000 from AC Kajaani's business partners in order to get the club back up to the Ykkonen, and upon receiving commitments for only €100,000, the decision was made to fold the club and cease operations.

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The most goals AC Kajaani has scored in a season is 98, which occurred across 18 games in 2011 in the Kolmonen.

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