11 Facts About AccuWeather Network


AccuWeather Network is an American cable and satellite television network launched, operated and owned by AccuWeather.

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On January 13,2014, AccuWeather Network announced that it would launch a new national weather channel, tentatively named "AccuWeather Network Channel", in the third quarter of that year.

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Barry Lee Myers, then chief executive officer of AccuWeather Network, cited the company's decision to start the new channel as it had already offered "coverage in virtually every other medium" and, because of its existing digital presence, created a channel that would have the "look and feel of a digital device".

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AccuWeather Network was announced as a multi-platform service that would be streamed on the internet and mobile websites of AccuWeather and on its affiliate partners, in addition to cable and satellite distribution.

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Ironically, Verizon's decision to replace The Weather Channel with AccuWeather Network was despite its claim that the former's removal was a long-term business decision based on the increasing consumer availability of weather information on digital media, although the need for weather coverage without filler programming to pad periods when no significant weather was occurring was cited.

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AccuWeather Network provides national, regional, and local weather forecasts as well as specialty forecasts, meteorological analysis, severe weather information and weather-related feature segments.

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In May 2020, AccuWeather Network aired a Hurricane Town Hall to address the hurricane season and such essentials such as preparation and response during the Coronavirus pandemic, among other hurricane-related issues in “AccuWeatherReady: 2020 Hurricane Season during COVID-19.

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The AccuWeather Network followed up with a second Hurricane Town Hall in June 2021.

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In June 2021, AccuWeather Network debuted "AccuWeather Network Prime" programming, to offer viewers a unique visual experience assembled by a team of skilled reporters, whose stories are designed to enable their audiences to “see, hear and feel” the weather.

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The live 2-hour AccuWeather Network Prime show is hosted by Senior TV Weather Broadcaster and American Meteorological Society Certified Broadcast Meteorologist Adam Del Rosso, who brings an exciting, fresh approach to weather news reporting.

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Local forecasts aired on AccuWeather Network are generated by a computer unit installed at the provider's headend, which inserts data over the channel's national feed.

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