14 Facts About Ace Ventura


Ace Ventura is a title character created by screenwriter Jack Bernstein.


Ace Ventura's eccentricities make him a laughing stock to the Miami-Dade Police Department in the early part of the first film, but he eventually earned their respect after his rescue of quarterback Dan Marino and the dolphin, Snowflake, the mascot of the Miami Dolphins.


Ace Ventura is tasked with not only finding a stolen dolphin, but trying to prevent the kidnapping of Dan Marino from a psychopath ex-football player, Ray Finkle, bent on revenge for costing the Dolphins the game with the botched field goal against the San Francisco 49ers in Super Bowl XIX.


Ace Ventura is certain that Finkle is the man responsible, but he can't find Finkle.


Ace Ventura learns of a missing hiker who coincidentally is named Lois Einhorn, who is a lieutenant of the Miami Police department and tries to figure out the connection she has with his suspect.


Disgusted by the thought that when he had been previously kissed by Einhorn, he had actually been kissed by a man, Ace Ventura spends the night rinsing his mouth out and washing himself.


Ace Ventura proves it by forcibly turning Einhorn over to reveal the bulge sticking out of her silk panties.

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Ace Ventura begins a relationship with Miami Dolphins' press officer, Melissa Robinson, while Finkle is arrested for his crimes.


Ace Ventura married Melissa and they had a son, Jr.


Ace Ventura eventually got fed up with his spoiled nature when he refused to be satisfied.


Ace Ventura is an eccentric self-styled "pet detective" who forsook regular police work to concentrate on this latter pursuit.


Ace Ventura's eccentricities include his persistent vulgarity and sarcastic tendencies, coupled with his exceedingly flamboyant behavior ranging from often imitating famous actors to crack jokes, to pronouncing the word loser as "Loo-hoo-Zu-her" as a form of disrespect; despite this, he is a dedicated detective, driven by an insatiable adoration of animals and a desire to protect them from human mistreatment.


In most appearances, Ace Ventura usually wears an unbuttoned Aloha shirt over a plain white A-shirt, with red and black striped trousers and black engineer boots.


Ace Ventura was ranked the 59th Greatest Movie Character in a November 2008 list by Empire Magazine.