10 Facts About Achille Talon


Achille Talon is a Franco-Belgian comics series featuring an eponymous main character, created by Greg .

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Achille Talon is presented in two quite different formats: there are album length stories such as Achille Talon et la main du serpent, a 44-page story, as well as albums with only gags that run one or two pages each.

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Achille Talon is a bourgeois who likes to think he's an eloquent intellectual.

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Achille Talon is vain to the extent that he builds a giant statue of himself in his front garden and desperately tries to get on the good side of the local gentry.

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That being said, Achille Talon is a gentleman, an intrepid traveler and an animal lover.

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Achille Talon is often at odds with his neighbour Hilarion Lefuneste, who loves to argue too.

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Achille Talon's father, Alambic Dieudonne Corydon Talon, is a beer-fanatic, while his mother, unnamed but always "maman", is a strong, earthy, loving bourgeois housewife.

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Achille Talon can be courageous and magnanimous, a protector of animals and ever vigilant guardian of proper etiquette, so much so that he fights with an author of an etiquette book — over which of them has the honour of giving the right of way.

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Achille Talon is a patron of the arts and briefly a wise, though ostensibly tyrannical, head of state.

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Achille Talon was translated into Walter Melon, presumably a pun on "watermelon".

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