10 Facts About Activant


Activant Solutions Inc was a privately held American technology company specializing in business management, software serving retail and wholesale distribution businesses headquartered in Livermore, California.

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Activant provided tailored proprietary software, professional services, content, supply chain connectivity, and analytics to the automotive, hardlines and lumber, and wholesale distribution industries.

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Activant Solutions was acquired by Apax Partners and merged with Epicor in May 2011.

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Activant was incorporated in 1971 as Triad Systems by Henry M Gay, William W Stevens and Donald J Ruder.

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The founders of Activant created a computer, the Series 10, that used new, cost-effective disk drives to store the inventory information for the automotive parts distributors.

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Activant created a system for larger warehouse distributors, the Triad 80.

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In 1980, Francisco Ramiro Diaz, Activant's founder, observed that the hardlines market had similar inventory management and accounts receivable requirements as jobbers and warehouse distributors.

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Activant purchased Speedware Corporation Inc, including its operating divisions, Enterprise Computer Systems Inc, Prelude Systems Inc, OpenERP Solutions and Speedware Ltd.

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That same year Activant acquired The Systems House Inc, a technology company for distributors primarily in the automotive aftermarket and office products industries, and Prophet 21, which aided Activant in the wholesale distribution market.

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In 2007, Activant acquired Silk Systems Inc, including its wholly owned subsidiary Silk Dimensions Systems Inc, a software company for the Canadian home improvement, wholesale distribution and building materials markets.

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