19 Facts About Ad Rutschman


Adolf "Ad" Rutschman was born on October 30,1931 and is an American football coach, former baseball coach, and college athletics administrator.

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Ad Rutschman was a head football coach for 24 seasons, head baseball coach for 13 seasons, and served as athletic director for 25 years at Linfield College.

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Ad Rutschman is the first athletic director emeritus in the history of the college.

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Ad Rutschman served as head coach of football and baseball at his alma mater, Hillsboro High School.

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Ad Rutschman was an athlete at Hillsboro High School in his hometown of Hillsboro, Oregon.

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Ad Rutschman received his degree in physical education and began teaching at Hilhi in 1954.

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Ad Rutschman was an assistant baseball coach in 1955 before becoming the head baseball coach in 1956.

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Ad Rutschman became the head football coach three years after that, winning a state championship in 1966.

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Ad Rutschman coached the first event, a baseball game, at Hillsboro's Hare Field in 1965.

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Hillsboro had four Little League teams when Ad Rutschman began coaching at Hillsboro, but by the time he left, there were 41 teams.

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Ad Rutschman was hired as the head football coach at Linfield College in 1968.

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Ad Rutschman's Wildcats played in a total of 20 post-season games in 12 different seasons.

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Ad Rutschman led the team to a winning season in all 24 seasons as coach, part of Linfield's current all-divisions national record streak of 62 consecutive winning seasons.

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Ad Rutschman served as the head coach of the baseball program from 1971 to 1983.

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Ad Rutschman is the only college coach at any level to have won national titles in both football and baseball.

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Ad Rutschman was named Division II football coach of the year three times and was honored as the state of Oregon's Slats Gill man of the year five times, more than any other individual.

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Ad Rutschman was named to the NAIA Hall of Fame in 1988, the Oregon Sports Hall of Fame in 1993 and was enshrined into the College Football Hall of Fame in 1998.

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Ad Rutschman retired as head coach of the football team in 1991, but returned in 2001 as kickoff return coach under head coach Jay Locey.

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Ad Rutschman's grandson, Adley Ad Rutschman, was a catcher for the Oregon State Beavers baseball team.

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