15 Facts About Ada Howard


Ada Howard was obliged to restrict her literary work to occasional articles for leading magazines.

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Ada Howard received from Mount Holyoke college the honorary degree of Litt.

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Ada Lydia Howard was born in Temple, New Hampshire, on December 19,1829.

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Ada Howard was the daughter of Lydia Adaline Cowden and William Hawkins Howard.

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Ada Howard's father was a teacher, scholar, and scientific agriculturalist.

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Ada Howard was taught by her father and at New Ipswich Academy and Lowell High School.

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Ada Howard graduated from Mount Holyoke College in 1853 and then continued her studies with private teachers.

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Ada Howard felt that women should have the same opportunities for education as men.

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Ada Howard was made professor of literary criticism, rhetoric, and moral philosophy.

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Ada Howard moved to New Jersey, where she ran a school for girls, Ivy Hall, in Bridgeton.

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Ada Howard will be a target to be shot at and for the present the position will be one of severe trials.

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Ada Howard followed his lead, but his insistence that staff be of the evangelical Christian faith made hiring staff difficult.

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Durant died in 1881 and Ada Howard resigned shortly after taking leave due to health reasons.

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Ada Howard then lived in New York City, where she died in 1907.

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Ada Howard died on Sunday, March 3,1907, and her funeral took place in the Houghton Memorial Chapel, located on the Wellesley College campus, on Wednesday, March 7th.

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