24 Facts About Adam Crozier


Adam Alexander Crozier was born on 26 January 1964 and is a Scottish businessman, and was formerly the chief executive officer of media company ITV plc, operator of the ITV television network covering most of the United Kingdom.

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Adam Crozier became the Chairman of BT Group Plc on the 1st December 2021.

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Adam Crozier was born and raised on the Isle of Bute on the west coast of Scotland in 1964.

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Adam Crozier's father was a manager for Lord Bute, and his mother was secretary to the managing director of The Scotsman.

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Adam Crozier went to a school in Ayr, before moving to Graeme High School, a comprehensive school in Falkirk.

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Adam Crozier received an Honorary Doctorate from Heriot-Watt University in 2005.

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Adam Crozier joined Pedigree Petfoods as a graduate trainee in 1984.

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From 1988 to 1999 Adam Crozier worked for advertising agency Saatchi and Saatchi, becoming media director in 1990, and then being appointed as joint chief executive from 1995 alongside Tamara Ingram.

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Adam Crozier came to public attention as the surprise appointment to the role of chief executive of The Football Association, the governing body of England's national game, football, aged just 35 and having had no experience of business in football.

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Adam Crozier reduced the average age of the FA's staff from 55 to 32, progressed the Wembley Stadium redevelopment, and reduced the FA's ruling body from a 91-member FA Board to a committee of 12.

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Adam Crozier's moves were not without criticism, with complaints from some about lack of consultation and of acting beyond his powers.

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Adam Crozier became the chief executive of the Royal Mail Group in February 2003.

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Adam Crozier initiated a programme of modernisation and reform, to deal with changes in the service brought about by reforms beginning with the Postal Services Act 2000.

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Adam Crozier's reforms included highly controversial large scale post office closures in the thousands, layoffs of Royal Mail staff, changes in working practices, and the ending of the second daily delivery and moving the first daily delivery to later in the day.

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Adam Crozier was CEO of Royal Mail at crucial period in the Post Office Scandal when the Post Office was still part of Royal Mail, in which hundreds of sub-postmasters were falsely accused of, and prosecuted for, theft or false accounting.

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On 28 January 2010, it was announced Adam Crozier would be leaving the Royal Mail later in 2010 to become the next permanent chief executive of media group ITV plc.

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Adam Crozier was replacing Michael Grade, who announced his intention to leave in April 2009.

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Adam Crozier was given the task of increasing ITV's advertising revenues which had fallen with the proliferation of new channels in the British television market.

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Adam Crozier is a board member of Camelot Group, the National Lottery operator, and the Debenhams retail chain, before it was liquidated.

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Adam Crozier is member of the President's Committee of the Confederation of British Industry .

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Adam Crozier joined the board of Whitbread in 2017, becoming a senior independent director that year.

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Adam Crozier was the chairman of Vue Cinemas from 2017 to 2020, and the chair of ASOS plc from 2018 to 2021.

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In February 2020 Adam Crozier was appointed non-executive chairman of Kantar Group.

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Adam Crozier is married to Annette, whom he met while working for Saatchi and Saatchi, and has two children.

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