16 Facts About Adam Hodgson

1. Adam Hodgson was an English merchant in Liverpool, known as a writer and abolitionist.

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2. Adam Hodgson was the son of Thomas Hodgson, a Liverpool merchant, and his wife Elizabeth Lightbody.

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3. Adam Hodgson's founded the first public wash-houses in the United Kingdom in the wake of the 1832 cholera epidemic, along with Kitty Wilkinson.

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4. Jones and Adam Hodgson were partners in insurance broking, the partnership being dissolved in 1845.

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5. In 1824 Adam Hodgson was on the founding committee of the Liverpool and Manchester Railway Company.

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6. Adam Hodgson was a founder in 1831 of the Bank of Liverpool, with George Holt, Isaac Cooke and others, and became its Managing Director.

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7. Adam Hodgson was one of those who formed a local branch of the British and Foreign Bible Society, in 1810.

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8. When John James Audubon visited Liverpool in 1826 with an introduction from Vincent Nolte, Adam Hodgson arranged for him to meet Edward Stanley, a future Prime Minister with ornithological interests.

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9. In 1837 Adam Hodgson gave figures on inhabited cellars in Liverpool, at the British Association meeting, prompted by a report of the Manchester Statistical Society.

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10. Adam Hodgson gave a testimonial to Kitty Wilkinson, from Caton, who provided a washing-place for Liverpool cellar-dwellers and passed into folklore (see Baths and wash houses in Britain).

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11. The Liverpool branch of the Health of Towns Association was set up in 1845, and Adam Hodgson became its chairman.

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12. Adam Hodgson commented on the coupled pace of land clearing and human settlement.

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13. Verdicts given by Adam Hodgson were felt to have damaged the USA's reputation aboard.

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14. Adam Hodgson argued in the Letter that free labour is more productive than slave labour, and took self-hire by slaves to be a step towards emancipation.

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15. Adam Hodgson quoted Adam Smith and others; in replying Jean-Baptiste Say stated he had shifted from the position Hodgson was attacking.

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16. Adam Hodgson was taken to be a major figure of those who gave evidence to the 1848 secret committee on the matter.

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