48 Facts About Adam Kokesh


Adam Charles Kokesh is an American libertarian political activist, radio host, and author.


Adam Kokesh is a former US Marine Corps corporal, serving in the Iraq War in 2004.


Adam Kokesh emerged as a radio talk show host in 2011 when his TV, radio, and web access show Adam vs The Man was licensed by RT America; this show was cancelled months later due to an FEC complaint.


Adam Kokesh was born on February 1,1982, in San Francisco, California, and is of German and Jewish heritage.


Adam Kokesh was raised in a middle-class family, and is the oldest of five siblings.


Adam Kokesh's parents divorced when he was 10, after which Kokesh says he took refuge in punk rock.


Adam Kokesh's father, Charles Kokesh, is a businessman, trophy hunter, and at one time the owner of Santa Fe Horse Park.

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Adam Kokesh attended Stevenson School, a boarding school in Pebble Beach, for his first year of high school, until he was kicked out for possession of alcohol.


Adam Kokesh later attended the Native American Preparatory School in San Miguel County, New Mexico.


Adam Kokesh received a bachelor's degree in psychology from Claremont McKenna College.


Adam Kokesh was the president of the Libertarian Club in college.


Adam Kokesh later enrolled in graduate studies in political management at George Washington University.


Adam Kokesh says he was inspired by his grandfather to enlist in the United States Marine Corps reserves at the age of seventeen, while still attending high school.


Adam Kokesh worked in schools and mosques, observed house raids, and says he was in a couple of convoys hit by IEDs.


Adam Kokesh was scheduled to return to Iraq for a second tour, however Kokesh was demoted to a corporal and discharged from the Marine Corps after he wore his Marine uniform during an anti-war demonstration.


Adam Kokesh first came to national attention after he was interviewed on CNN and ABC, and his photograph appeared in various newspapers, including the front page of the Los Angeles Times at a protest during Alberto Gonzales's testimony to Congress regarding the dismissal of US attorneys.


Adam Kokesh, wearing his Marine Corps Boonie hat, held up a sign counting the number of times Gonzalez said "I don't remember" or "I don't recall".


Adam Kokesh had performed a ceremony for lost service members using an American flag.


Adam Kokesh contends that the warning was an attempt to silence and punish members of the military for exercising their constitutional rights; while the Marine Corps said it was a matter of ordinary discipline and Kokesh was not singled out.


On September 2,2008, Adam Kokesh spoke at Ron Paul's Rally for the Republic in St Paul, Minnesota.


Adam Kokesh was told he was under arrest after dancing a jig.


Adam Kokesh refused officers orders and was violently body-slammed onto the marble floor, put in a choke hold, then cuffed.


Adam Kokesh was a spokesperson for "Veterans for Ron Paul", a grassroots group in support of the Ron Paul 2012 presidential campaign.


On June 26,2012, Adam Kokesh organized a protest against the decision of Middleborough, Massachusetts, to ban cursing in public with punishment of a $20 fine.


In May 2013, Adam Kokesh announced an "Open Carry March on Washington" where thousands of marchers bearing arms would cross from Virginia into Washington, DC on Independence Day to protest strict gun laws.

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On July 4,2013, Adam Kokesh posted a YouTube video of himself allegedly loading a shotgun in Freedom Plaza in the District of Columbia in open defiance of DC law.


Adam Kokesh was charged with possession of Schedule I or II drugs and possession of a gun with Schedule I or II drugs, both felonies.


Adam Kokesh refused to leave his cell to be arraigned and fingerprinted, but was arraigned by a judge in his cell the next day.


Magistrate Judge Lori Parker ordered Adam Kokesh to remain in the DC jail over the weekend because, she said, he had violated the rules of his release in another case.


Specifically, she noted that in June 2013, Adam Kokesh was charged with possession of marijuana after he was arrested on the south side of the White House allegedly smoking a marijuana cigarette.


On November 6,2013, Adam Kokesh was released from jail after waiving his right to a trial and pleading guilty to the July 4 weapons charges and a marijuana possession charge from the June 8 White House protest.


On January 16,2014, Adam Kokesh was sentenced to two years of probation.


On June 12,2014, Adam Kokesh, after entering an Alford plea in Circuit Court to two felonies related to his possession of hallucinogenic mushrooms while possessing a gun, was convicted of drug and gun charges, which he did not contest.


On October 15,2009, Adam Kokesh filed with the FEC to run for the US House of Representatives from New Mexico's 3rd congressional district as a Republican.


Adam Kokesh got the idea for the book while reading other libertarian tracts during his stay in jail.


On July 23,2013, Adam Kokesh announced his candidacy for US president in 2020 from a jailhouse interview with Fox 5, after he was arrested for the Open Carry incident earlier that month.


Adam Kokesh stated he was running on the single-issue idea of an "orderly dissolution of the US Federal Government".


Adam Kokesh was the first Libertarian Party candidate to announce a presidential bid for the 2020 election.


On January 16,2018, Adam Kokesh reaffirmed his candidacy for president.


Adam Kokesh was pulled over by Texas Department of Public Safety Troopers twice that day and arrested the second time on marijuana and controlled substance charges.


Adam Kokesh was eliminated in the second round of the 2020 Libertarian National Convention, and after initially not endorsing a candidate, eventually endorsed Libertarian nominee Jo Jorgensen's campaign after public backlash.


Adam Kokesh believes that government should be abolished in order to reduce violence and build a society based on respect.


Adam Kokesh has stated he does not hate the people running the US government, however he believes government has invalidated itself by betraying the principles from which it was founded.


Adam Kokesh ran for President of the United States in 2020 on the platform of an orderly dissolution of the federal government.


Adam Kokesh stated that if elected, he would immediately sign his one-and-only executive order to declare the federal government bankrupt and of no authority.

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Adam Kokesh vs The Man was a talk show which was available in a variety of formats, such as AM radio, web-access, podcast and Facebook-linked YouTube channel.


On January 19,2013, Adam Kokesh appeared as a future version of himself at an anti-war-debt rally scene in the 2014 sci-fi thriller, Alongside Night.


Adam Kokesh wrote the speech he delivered, a tribute to the character of Dr Martin Vreeland, in the background during an action sequence.