17 Facts About Adam Parr


Adam Parr was born on 26 May 1965 and is a British businessman known for his work in various fields including Formula 1 and investment to NGOs.


Adam Parr is the former CEO and chairman of Williams Grand Prix Holdings PLC, from November 2006 until 30 March 2012.


Adam Parr later returned to Rio Tinto as assistant to the Chief Executive and chairman before being appointed CEO of Williams F1 in 2006.


Since leaving Williams in 2012, Adam Parr has completed a PhD in eighteenth-century history and literature at University College London; and been involved in business and not-for-profit activities.


Adam Parr is a director of Cosworth Limited and the River Learning Trust.


Adam Parr began his career with the investment bank Barclays de Zoete Wedd.


Adam Parr was relocated to Japan as an equities analyst focusing on heavy industrial sectors such as iron and steel.


Adam Parr then joined Rio Tinto full-time, firstly as personal assistant to the head of exploration and then as assistant to the general manager of the Palabora copper mine in South Africa.


In 1998 Adam Parr returned to Rio Tinto as assistant to the chairman and chief executive.


Adam Parr's main focus was to improve industrial safety in Rio Tinto's operations.


Adam Parr then took up a series of increasingly senior executive posts during six years in Australia, firstly managing Rio Tinto's extensive port and infrastructure in the remote Pilbara region, then running its Western Australian salt operations.


In November 2006 Adam Parr was appointed chief executive officer of Williams F1, replacing departing CEO Chris Chapple.


Adam Parr was chairman of Williams Grand Prix Engineering Limited from July 2010 to March 2012, responsible for the day-to-day running of the team, whilst Frank Williams remained Team Principal and majority shareholder of the company.


Adam Parr has released a graphic memoir, entitled The Art of War: Five Years in Formula One, detailing his time as CEO of Williams F1.


Adam Parr was named chief executive of Sported in April 2013.


Adam Parr briefly worked with the Walk Free Foundation, which aims to eliminate modern slavery by 2020.


Adam Parr founded the tech startup Oxford Semantic Technologies in 2017 alongside Professors Ian Horrocks, Bernardo Cuenca Grau, and Boris Motik of the University of Oxford.