15 Facts About Adel Emam


Adel Emam is primarily a comedian, but he has starred in more serious works and, combined comedy with romance especially in his earlier films, which included My Wife, the Director General, My Wife's Dignity and My Wife's Goblin starring Salah Zulfikar and Shadia.


Adel Emam is one of the most famous actors in Egypt and in the Arab world.


Adel Emam Imam is considered by a huge mass of cult followers as a cultural icon in the history of modern Egypt.


Adel Emam launched his career in theater in Ana w Howa w Heya with Fouad El-Mohandes and Shwikar and in cinema he acted in My Wife, the Director General, My Wife's Dignity, and My Wife's Goblin with leading actors Salah Zulfikar and Shadia.


Adel Emam was an important national figure in Egypt largely because of the Egyptian political roles he took on in many of his films and plays, he always focused on Egypt's politics and religious problems.


Adel Emam portrays an aging roue whose misadventures form a central strand of the film's complex narrative.


Adel Emam married to a woman named Hala El-Shalaqani and has three children: the director Rami Imam, Sarah Emam, and Mohamed Emam, who starred in the movie The Yacoubian Building as Taha ElShazli.

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Adel Emam stated on a talk show hosted by Hala Sarhan that Amin Shalaby and the late Younes Shalaby as well as Saeed Saleh were his best friends since university.


In February 2012, Adel Emam was sentenced to three months in jail for offending Islam.


On September 12,2012, Adel Emam won his appeal when a Cairo misdemeanours court cleared him of defaming Islam in his films.


Adel Emam received numerous awards through his five decades career.


Adel Emam won "Horus" Award twice for his leading roles in Omaret Yakobean and Al-irhabi at Cairo International Film Festival.


Adel Emam won the Honorary Award of the Festival at 2014 Marrakech International Film Festival.


Adel Emam won International Jury Award at Sao Paulo International Film Festival.


Adel Emam received the first Career Achievement Award in El-Gouna Film Festival in 2017.