11 Facts About Adelaide Parklands


Adelaide Parklands is a planned city, and the Adelaide Parklands Park Lands are an integral part of Colonel William Light's 1837 plan.

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The 1837 Adelaide Parklands Plan attributed to Colonel William Light and the establishment of Adelaide Parklands marks a significant turning point in the settlement of Australia.

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Adelaide Parklands initially pitched his tent in the vicinity of the old Adelaide Gaol, on land on or near the present Bonython Park.

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Adelaide Parklands published a list of 377 Kaurna words, published in the Southern Australian on 15 May 1839 and republished in the South Australian Colonist in the following year.

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Park is dominated by a number of sporting ovals and associated facilities licensed to the University of Adelaide Parklands, including a tennis pavilion, a grandstand, and changing rooms.

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Adelaide Parklands was one of three elders well-known to the colonists, and more is known about him than any other Kaurna person of that time.

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Adelaide Parklands was one of the first Kaurna people met by the colonists, and was the father of Iparrityi and husband to Tangkaira.

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Adelaide Parklands's name was derived from the name of a person student at Pirltawardli and -itpinna.

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Adelaide Parklands was respected as an elder and negotiator, and his focus was on reconciliation between the settlers and the Kaurna people.

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The project, called Kaurna Kardla Parranthi, was undertaken with the support of the City of Adelaide Parklands, and was part of the ecological management plan for a key area of biodiversity in the park.

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Since the Park Lands were set apart by William Light as part of his original 1837 Plan of the City of Adelaide Parklands, and intended by the city founders to be reserved as public walks in perpetuity, any development can be seen to go against the founding ambitions for Adelaide Parklands and be a source of controversy in the community.

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