11 Facts About Adi Bitar


Adi Al Bitar was a Palestinian-Jordanian judge, a legal advisor and lawyer who worked all over the Middle East.


Adi Bitar was the author of the Constitution of the United Arab Emirates.


Adi Bitar was in the building when the bomb exploded and was saved only because his elder brother Bahij; who worked there, insisted that Adi Bitar was buried alive under the rubble.


Adi Bitar then was accepted by the Jerusalem Law Classes.


Adi Bitar graduated on April 26,1948 and was registered as a lawyer on June 16,1949.


Adi Bitar joined the district attorney's office in Jerusalem until his resignation August 18,1956, to work in Sudan as a judge.


Adi Bitar helped establish the Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry and many other projects.


Adi Bitar was appointed as the Secretary General to the Trucial States Council in 1967, and served until it closed in 1971 when the federation was created and the United Arab Emirates emerged as a new Arab State.


Adi Bitar took a very active and strategic role in the formation of the UAE.


Adi Bitar managed to create strong relations between Sheikh Rashid bin Saeed Al Maktoum and King Hussein Bin Talal of Jordan.


Adi Bitar was buried next to his 10-year-old son Issa who had died three months earlier of leukemia.