23 Facts About Adolph Coors


Adolph Coors was apprenticed at age 13 to the book and stationery store of Andrea and Company in nearby Ruhrort from November 1860 until June 1862.


In July 1862, Adolph Coors was apprenticed for a three-year period at a brewery owned by Henry Wenker in Dortmund.


Adolph Coors was charged a fee for his apprenticeship, so he worked as a bookkeeper to pay for it.


Orphaned, Adolph Coors completed his apprenticeship and continued to work as a paid employee at the Wenker Brewery until May 1867.


Adolph Coors then worked at breweries in Kassel, Berlin, and Uelzen in Germany.


Adolph Coors remained ashamed of that action for the rest of his life, and decreed that his family should never speak about it.


Adolph Coors sailed from Hamburg to New York City and then moved to Chicago, arriving on May 30,1868.


Adolph Coors worked in the spring as a laborer, and during the summer he worked as a brewer.


Adolph Coors became foreman of John Stenger's brewery on August 11,1869, in Naperville, Illinois, about 35 miles west of Chicago.


Adolph Coors resigned from Stenger's brewery on January 22,1872, and moved to Denver, arriving in April.


Adolph Coors worked in Denver as a gardener for a month, and on May 1,1872, he purchased a partnership in the bottling firm of John Staderman.


Adolph Coors manufactured porcelain and ceramic products made from clay mined in Golden.


Bertha Coors was born on June 24,1886, and Grover C Coors was born in 1888.


The last addition to the family, Herman Frederick Adolph Coors, was born on July 24,1890, while the family was on vacation in Berlin.


Adolph Coors is pretty and talented, and by her universally pleasant and courteous demeanor has endeared herself to all the people of her native town.


The international shipping of Adolph Coors beer, beginning in Korea in 1908, possibly was related to the family's presence there.


Grover Adolph Coors married Doreathea Clara Morse on May 25,1916, in Tompkins, New York.


Herman Adolph Coors married Janet Ferrin and remained in Golden, working in the family porcelain factory.


Adolph Coors is known to have had at least two siblings, a sister and a younger brother, William Kuhrs, who was born in Dortmund, Germany, in 1849.


Adolph Coors made his way to Chicago, where he made a good living as a cabinetmaker and arrived in Golden by the mid-1870s.


Adolph Coors took a good position of employment at his brother's brewery, where he remained employed for the rest of his life.


William Adolph Coors died on December 30,1923, and is buried at the Golden Cemetery.


On June 5,1929, Adolph Coors fell or allegedly committed suicide by leaping from the sixth-floor window of the Cavalier Hotel in Virginia Beach, Virginia.