11 Facts About Adrian Chen


Adrian Chen is an American blogger, and former staff writer at The New Yorker.


Adrian Chen is the creator of The Pamphlette, a "humor publication" for Reed College students on a piece of letter-size paper.


Adrian Chen has written for The New York Times, New York magazine, Wired, and other publications.


In October 2012, Adrian Chen exposed the real name and details of Violentacrez, a Texas Internet developer, who was fired from his job.


In September 2012, Adrian Chen acquiesced to demands from Anonymous and posted images of himself dressed in a tutu with a shoe perched on his head.


In June 2011, Adrian Chen wrote an expose of Silk Road, a darknet market which facilitated online drug purchases.


In February 2012, Adrian Chen interviewed a freelancer from oDesk, an outsourcing firm hired to enforce Facebook's content guidelines.


Adrian Chen arranged a phone interview with Brutsch during which Brutsch mentioned he had a disabled wife and pleaded for him to keep his identity secret.


Mez Breeze has suggested in The Next Web that, in outing Brutsch, Adrian Chen engaged in a type of trolling, making Brutsch "the victim of unwanted bullying and substantial negative attention" as a result of the expose.


Reddit users accused Adrian Chen of doxing Brutsch and declared "war" on Gawker.


Adrian Chen was critical of The Washington Post's decision to put the story on its front page.