12 Facts About Adrian Chmielarz


Adrian Chmielarz was born on 1971 in Lubin and is a Polish video game designer, programmer, creative director, producer and writer specializing in adventure games and first-person shooters.

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Adrian Chmielarz is one of the most famous Polish video gaming figures, as well as one of the most divisive figures in the industry.

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In 1985, at the age of 15, Adrian Chmielarz attended the first Polcon science fiction convention in Blazejewko, where he first discovered an affinity for computers.

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Adrian Chmielarz soon went through a Star Wars fan phase that saw him interact with a computer for the first time.

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Adrian Chmielarz began saving for a ZX Spectrum despite never having used one before.

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Adrian Chmielarz was pushed by a desire to buy a computer with his own money, knowing that his parents had been forced into the black market to "put food on the table".

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In 1987, Adrian Chmielarz earned financial sustainability by traveling 40 miles each day to sell bootleg foreign films on VHS tapes, copied from a friend at a bazaar in Wroclaw.

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Adrian Chmielarz noted that while an Englishman could buy a game the day of release, the average Pole would often have to wait up to five weeks and become impatient during that time, leading to this natural solution.

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Adrian Chmielarz decided to leave his profitable business and study at Wroclaw University of Technology.

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Adrian Chmielarz sent the results of his experiments with creating video games the editorial offices of the magazines Komputer and Bajtek, winning a subscription to the latter as a result.

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Adrian Chmielarz was not worried about the Polish gaming market being a small niche, as he knew the trail had already been set by developer xLand.

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Adrian Chmielarz has written commentary articles for Polish video game magazines, including his monthly columns "Gawedy bez fai" and "Gawedy po fai" in Secret Service and NEO+.

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