17 Facts About Adrian Grenier


Adrian Sean Grenier was born on July 10,1976 and is an American actor, producer, director and musician.


Adrian Grenier is best known for his portrayal of Vincent Chase in the television series Entourage.


Adrian Grenier has appeared in films such as Drive Me Crazy, The Devil Wears Prada, Trash Fire and Marauders.


Adrian Grenier was raised by his mother in New York City.


Adrian Grenier's mother was born in New Mexico to a family of mostly Mexican, Spanish, and some French descent.


In 1997, Adrian Grenier left Bard to embark on a film career.


Adrian Grenier made his film debut in the independent drama Arresting Gena, then in 1999 played opposite Melissa Joan Hart in Drive Me Crazy and in 2001 starred in James Toback's Harvard Man.


In 2004, Adrian Grenier played Vincent Chase in the HBO series Entourage, gaining his most substantial notability and success.


Adrian Grenier stepped back in front of the camera in 2015 to reprise his role of Vincent Chase in the Entourage film adaptation.


In 2016, Adrian Grenier shot the heist movie Marauders The film would make it to Netflix's US platform's top two in December 2020.


On June 2,2008, Adrian Grenier premiered a new television series, Alter Eco, for which he was the producer.


On September 27,2010, HBO premiered Teenage Paparazzo, a documentary directed by Adrian Grenier and produced by Bert Marcus.


In 2010, Adrian Grenier began working as a producer alongside producer Bert Marcus and director Matthew Cooke on the full-length feature documentary How to Make Money Selling Drugs.


Adrian Grenier was a member of two New York bands: the lead singer in Kid Friendly and the drummer in The Honey Brothers before moving on to build Wreckroom, a music incubator, and recording studio in May 2012.


On World Environment Day 2017, Adrian Grenier was appointed as a goodwill ambassador for the United Nations Environment Programme.


Adrian Grenier was chosen due to his work with the Lonely Whale Foundation.


Adrian Grenier is a Bitcoin advocate and is developing a farming community in Texas that would use cryptocurrency for exchange.