11 Facts About Adriana Caselotti


Adriana Elena Loreta Caselotti was an American actress and singer.

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Adriana Caselotti was the voice of the title character of the first Walt Disney animated feature, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, for which she was named a Disney Legend in 1994, making her the first female voiceover artist to achieve this.

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Adriana Caselotti was born in Bridgeport, Connecticut to an Italian-American family.

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Adriana Caselotti was educated and boarded at the San Getulio convent, near Rome.

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When her family returned to New York three years later, Adriana Caselotti re-learned English and studied singing with her father.

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In 1934, Adriana Caselotti attended Hollywood High School where she sang in the senior class Girls' Glee Club and had a leading role in the school's annual musical, The Belle of New York.

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Adriana Caselotti's was not credited for the role, and had trouble finding new opportunities later in life.

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Adriana Caselotti appeared in several promotional spots for Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, and signed memorabilia during promotional events.

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Adriana Caselotti's made a guest appearance on the syndicated The Mike Douglas Show.

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Adriana Caselotti's later met actor Norval Weir Mitchell, whom she married in 1952.

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Adriana Caselotti married her last husband, Joseph Laureat Florian St Pierre, a retired postal employee, in 1989 and they later divorced.

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