27 Facts About Adriane Carr


Adriane Carr was born on 1952 and is a Canadian academic, activist and politician with the Green Party in British Columbia and Canada.


Adriane Carr was a founding member and the Green Party of British Columbia's first spokesperson from 1983 to 1985.


Adriane Carr resigned her position in September 2006 when she was appointed by Federal Green Party Leader, Elizabeth May, to be one of her two Deputy Leaders of the Green Party of Canada.


Adriane Carr was the sole candidate of the Green Party of Vancouver for one of 10 seats in the at large election held in November 2011 municipal election.


Adriane Carr continues to support the Green Party of British Columbia and the Green Party of Canada.


Adriane Carr was born in Vancouver and raised in the Lower Mainland and Kootenays.


Adriane Carr earned a master's degree in urban geography from the University of British Columbia in 1980 and went on to a teaching career at Langara College.

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Adriane Carr was a co-founder in February 1983 of the Green Party of British Columbia, the first Green Party in North America, and worked as its unpaid Spokesperson from 1983 to 1985.


Adriane Carr left teaching at Langara College in 1989 to work full-time for the Western Canada Wilderness Committee, having been a volunteer for that charitable society from shortly after it was co-founded by her later-to-be husband, Paul George and Richard Krieger.


Adriane Carr left the organization in 2000 to run for the leadership of the Green Party of British Columbia.


Adriane Carr has been the BC Green Party leader on two separate occasions.


Adriane Carr was the party's leader in the 1983 provincial election, held shortly after the party's founding.


Adriane Carr ran in the two member riding of Vancouver-Point Grey, and finished last in a field of eight candidates with 1549 votes.


Adriane Carr ran as a Green candidate for the Vancouver School Board in 1984, but after this, besides maintaining her membership, she had little further involvement with the provincial Green Party until the late 1990s.


Adriane Carr emerged as a rival to Parker at the party's 1999 policy convention.


Adriane Carr ran in the 2001 election in the riding of Powell River-Sunshine Coast, against former Liberal leader and then NDP cabinet minister Gordon Wilson.


Adriane Carr was included in the Televised leaders' debate along with Liberal leader Gordon Campbell and Premier Ujjal Dosanjh.


Adriane Carr finished third in her riding with 6316 votes, against 6349 for Wilson and 9904 for victorious Liberal Harold Long.


In 2004, Adriane Carr ran for the Greens in a by-election in Surrey-Panorama Ridge, held following the resignation of Liberal Gulzar Singh Cheema.


Adriane Carr was a vocal supporter of a mixed member proportional system under which some members are elected from constituencies like they are today and others are selected from party lists when needed to "top up" the legislature to ensure that the percentage of seats a party gets equals the percentage of popular vote it gets.


Adriane Carr felt in particular that the Green Party's endorsement might alienate potential supports in mainstream parties Since the defeat of the BC-STV referendum in 2005 after a trip to Australia to see how STV worked there, Carr changed her view and supported the government-sponsored referendum on the BC-STV, as did the BC Green Party in the May 2009 general election.


In 2005, Adriane Carr was included in the leaders debate, this time with Gordon Campbell and Carole James of the NDP.


Adriane Carr had the Green Party's fourth highest percentage of votes in the nation.


From 2009 until 2011 Adriane Carr served as the honorary co-chair of the Canadian Women's Voters' congress' non-partisan Women's Campaign School.


In May 2011 Adriane Carr ran again in Vancouver Centre against incumbent Liberal Hedy Fry, getting 15.4 percent of the vote, coming in fourth.

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On 19 November 2011, in the Vancouver City municipal election, as the single Green Candidate for one of the 10 Vancouver City Council Seats, Adriane Carr got 48,648 votes in the citywide at-large voting system.


Adriane Carr was sworn in as a Councillor on 6 December 2011.