27 Facts About Adrien Brody


Adrien Nicholas Brody was born on April 14,1973 and is an American actor.


Adrien Brody became the second American male actor to win the Cesar Award for Best Actor.


Adrien Brody is a frequent collaborator of Wes Anderson's, having starred in four of Anderson's films, The Darjeeling Limited, Fantastic Mr Fox, The Grand Budapest Hotel, and The French Dispatch.


Adrien Brody was born in Woodhaven, Queens, New York City, the son of Sylvia Plachy, a photographer, and Elliot Adrien Brody, a retired history professor and painter.


Adrien Brody's parents enrolled him in acting classes to distance him from the dangerous children with whom he associated.


Adrien Brody attended summer camp at Long Lake Camp for the Arts in the Adirondacks in upstate New York.


Adrien Brody attended Stony Brook University before transferring to Queens College for a semester.


Adrien Brody received widespread recognition when he was cast as the lead in Roman Polanski's The Pianist.


Adrien Brody appeared on Saturday Night Live on May 10,2003, his first TV work.


Adrien Brody learned ventriloquism and puppetry for the role convincingly enough to perform all of the voice stunts and puppet manipulation live on set in real time, with no subsequent post dubbing.


Adrien Brody played Noah Percy, a mentally disabled young man, in the film The Village, by M Night Shyamalan, shell-shocked war veteran Jack Starks in The Jacket, writer Jack Driscoll in the 2005 King Kong remake, and father-to-be Peter Whitman in The Darjeeling Limited by Wes Anderson.


Adrien Brody reprised his role voicing Driscoll in the video game adaptation of the film.


Adrien Brody has appeared in Diet Coke and Schweppes commercials, as well as Tori Amos' music video for "A Sorta Fairytale".


On January 5,2006, Adrien Brody confirmed speculation that he was interested in playing the role of The Joker in 2008's The Dark Knight.


Adrien Brody was in talks with Paramount to play Spock in JJ Abrams' Star Trek, but it ultimately went to Zachary Quinto.


In 2011, Adrien Brody starred in a Stella Artois beer ad called "Crying Jean" that premiered right after half-time of Super Bowl XLV as part of Stella's "She Is a Thing of Beauty" campaign.


Adrien Brody appeared in Woody Allen's 2011 Academy Award-winning comedy, Midnight in Paris as Salvador Dali.


In 2014, Adrien Brody collaborated again with Wes Anderson in the Academy Award-winning The Grand Budapest Hotel, where he played Dmitri.


Adrien Brody received an Emmy Award nomination for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Miniseries or in a Movie for portraying the title character in Houdini a History miniseries.


Adrien Brody received the Cinema Vanguard award at the San Diego Film Festival the same year.


In 2019, Adrien Brody left Paradigm to sign with CAA Creative Artists Agency.


In 1992, Adrien Brody was seriously hurt in a motorcycle accident in which he flew over a car and crashed head-first into a crosswalk.


Adrien Brody has broken his nose three times doing stunts, including during the filming of Summer of Sam.


Adrien Brody began dating Spanish actress and model Elsa Pataky in 2006.


For Pataky's 31st birthday in July 2007, Adrien Brody purchased for her a 19th-century farm in Central New York state that was remodeled to look like a castle.


In 2009, Adrien Brody signed a petition which called for the release of Roman Polanski, during his arrest in Switzerland for his 1977 charge for drugging and raping a 13-year-old girl.


In 2010, Adrien Brody sued makers of the film Giallo, alleging they failed to pay his full salary.