16 Facts About AES70


AES70 is intended to support media networks that combine devices from diverse manufacturers.

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AES70 is for device control, monitoring, and connection management only.

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However, AES70 is designed to work with virtually any media transport scheme, as the application requires.

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AES70 is termed an "architecture" because it provides the basis for definition of multiple control protocols.

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OCA, the architecture of AES70, was developed by the OCA Alliance, trade association, beginning in 2011.

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AES70 defines the control interface that a media device presents to a network to which it is connected.

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AES70 defines the control protocol used between controllers and devices; its scope does not extend to cover the design or construction of controllers or their user interfaces.

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Each AES70 protocol defines three kinds of messages, as follows:.

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AES70 includes features that allow manufacturers to extend the OCA class structure to address functions not in the standard repertoire.

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AES70 includes an architectural solution to the problems of control grouping, i e the use of a single control input to effect multiple operating parameters.

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AES70 includes a powerful and general mechanism for applying, storing, recalling, uploading, and downloading sets of operating parameter values.

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AES70 includes complete support for managing the configurations of reconfigurable DSP devices, i e software-based devices whose signal processing topologies can be defined and redefined at runtime by external controllers.

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AES70 is designed to support proprietary extensions with maximum compatibility.

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AES70 protocols offer encryption and authentication options that allow the construction of secure control and monitoring networks.

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AES70 defines primitives that allow reliable update of device firmware over the network.

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AES70 documents are available from the Audio Engineering Society Standards Store.

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