16 Facts About Aeta people


Regardless, modern Aeta populations have significant Austronesian admixture and speak Austronesian languages.

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Aeta people communities were historically nomadic hunter-gatherers, typically consisting of approximately 1 to 5 families per mobile group.

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The Aeta people themselves call non-Negrito groups with various names that reflect their ancient relationships with Austronesians.

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The Aeta people speak Austronesian languages and follow Austronesian cultural practices to a limited extent.

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Some Aeta people communities have received government land titles recognizing their claims to their ancestral lands.

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Aeta people are nomadic and build only temporary shelters made of sticks driven to the ground and covered with the palm of banana leaves.

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The Philippine government affords them little or no protection, and the Aeta people have become extremely nomadic due to social and economic strain on their culture and way of life that had previously remained unchanged for thousands of years.

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In terms of gender, then, Aeta people communities are more egalitarian in structure and in practice.

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All Aeta people communities have adopted the language of their Austronesian Filipino neighbors, which have sometimes diverged over time to become different languages.

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Those who believe they are monotheistic argue that various Aeta people tribes believe in a supreme being who rules over lesser spirits or deities, with the Aeta people of Mt.

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The night before Aeta people women gather shellfish, they perform a dance which is partly an apology to the fish and partly a charm to ensure the catch.

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Today, most Aeta people who have been in contact with lowlanders have adopted the T-shirts, pants and rubber sandals commonly used by the latter.

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Aeta people women are known around the country as experts of the herbal medicines.

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Aeta people communities take pride in their use of herbal medicines and their own natural ways of curing the sick.

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Individual Aeta people is on equal grounds with the other and their main course of social interaction is through their tradition.

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At times, Aeta people communities do organize themselves in government-like system with a Capitan, Conseyal and Policia.

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