10 Facts About AFP News


AFP News was keen to shake off its semi-official status, and on 10 January 1957, the French Parliament passed a law establishing its independence.

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In September 2007, the AFP News Foundation was launched to promote higher standards of journalism worldwide.

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In 1991, AFP set up a joint venture with Extel to create a financial news service, AFX News.

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In October 2008, the Government of France announced moves to change AFP News's status, including the involvement of outside investors.

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The State's financing of AFP News was thus modified and was structured into two components:.

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AFP News Forum is divided into several sections, including homepage, text materials, photos, videos and graphics.

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AFP News operates under a 1957 law as a commercial business independent of the French government.

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AFP News is administered by a CEO and a board comprising 15 members:.

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AFP News has a council charged with ensuring that the agency operates according to its statutes, which mandate absolute independence and neutrality.

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Primary client of AFP News is the French government, which purchases subscriptions for its various services.

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