12 Facts About Ageing clock


An epigenetic clock is a biochemical test that can be used to measure age.

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The laboratories of Trey Ideker and Kang Zhang at the University of California, San Diego published the Hannum epigenetic Ageing clock, which consisted of 71 markers that accurately estimate age based on blood methylation levels.

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PhenoAge is an epigenetic Ageing clock that takes chronological age into account, and GrimAge uses the mortality risks of age together with the smoking variant among others as a risk factor.

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Salient features of Horvath's epigenetic Ageing clock include its applicability to a broad spectrum of tissues and cell types.

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The calibration function reveals that the epigenetic Ageing clock has a high ticking rate until adulthood, after which it slows to a constant ticking rate.

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Epigenetic Ageing clock leads to a chronological age prediction that has a Pearson correlation coefficient of r = 0.

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Epigenetic Ageing clock was used to study the relationship between high body mass index and the DNA methylation ages of human blood, liver, muscle and adipose tissue.

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Horvath hypothesized that his Ageing clock arises from a methylation footprint left by an epigenomic maintenance system.

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In contrast, a salient characteristic of the epigenetic Ageing clock is that one does not have to carry out such a calibration step: it always uses the same CpGs and the same coefficient values.

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The Ageing clock uses information from 1000 CpG sites and predicts people with certain conditions older than healthy controls: IBD, frontotemporal dementia, ovarian cancer, obesity.

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The aging Ageing clock is planned to be released for public use in 2021 by an Insilico Medicine spinoff company Deep Longevity.

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In contrast to Horvath's Ageing clock, AltumAge predicts cancer to be older than normal tissues.

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