14 Facts About Ahmed Best


Ahmed Best was born on August 19,1973 and is an American actor, comedian and musician.


Ahmed Best is known for providing the voice and motion capture for the character Jar Jar Binks in the Star Wars franchise.


Ahmed Best won the Annie Award for Voice Acting in an Animated Television Production for lampooning Jar Jar Binks in Robot Chicken: Star Wars Episode II.


Ahmed Best was born in New York City on August 19,1973.


Ahmed Best then studied percussion at the Manhattan School of Music.


Ahmed Best is the younger brother of Dunia Best Sinnreich, lead singer and co-founder of Brave New Girl, Dubistry and Agent 99 and formerly with The Slackers.


In 1994, Ahmed Best joined the acid jazz group The Jazzhole.


Ahmed Best contributed to the success of the group for two years.


Ahmed Best co-wrote and co-produced three albums for the group including The Jazzhole, And the Feeling Goes Around, and The Beat is the Bomb.


Ahmed Best toured with the cast of Stomp throughout the US and Europe.


In 1997, after casting director Robin Gurland had observed his flexible, athletic movements in Stomp, Ahmed Best was cast as Jar Jar Binks in the Star Wars prequel trilogy.


Ahmed Best said he put a lot of himself into the character, so when Jar Jar drew hostility from audiences, it sometimes extended toward the actor or he otherwise interpreted it personally.


Ahmed Best later appeared with fellow Star Wars alumni Dee Bradley Baker, James Arnold Taylor, and Daran Norris on the TV show Big Time Rush.


In late May 2020, Lucasfilm announced that Ahmed Best would be starring as Jedi Master Kelleran Beq in a game-show called Star Wars: Jedi Temple Challenge, with a scheduled release date of June 3,2020.