10 Facts About Aida El-Kashef


Aida El-Kashef's acting credits include Ship of Theseus and Walad w Bent.


Aida El-Kashef has directed the short films A Tin Tale and Rhapsody in Autumn.


Aida El-Kashef was one of the first protestors to occupy Tahrir where she set up a tent.


Aida El-Kashef documented "aggressive assaults against women" that occurred during the protests often risking her own personal safety.


Aida El-Kashef was arrested and detained for her participation in the No Military Trials for Civilians protest.


Aida El-Kashef missed the promotion of Ship of Theseus in India while she was protesting.


In 2014, Aida El-Kashef received a grant for Ward No 3 from SANAD, which is the development and post-production fund for the Abu Dhabi Film Festival.


Also in 2014, Aida El-Kashef won best supporting actress from the Indian National Film Awards for her role in Ship of Theseus.


Aida El-Kashef won Best Actress for the Muhr AsiaAfrica Feature category at the Dubai International Film Festival for her role in Ship of Theseus in 2012.


In November, 2015, Aida El-Kashef began crowdfunding the partial costs of producing her first full-length documentary, a film tackling the subject of domestic abuse in Egypt.