15 Facts About Aileen Campbell


Aileen Campbell served as the National Convenor of the SNP's youth wing from 2005 to 2006, and was an editor for the Keystone magazine.


In 2018, following a cabinet reshuffle, Aileen Campbell was promoted to Cabinet and served as Cabinet Secretary for Communities and Local Government.


Aileen Campbell was born on 18 May 1980 in Perth, Scotland.


Aileen Campbell grew up on her parents' tenant farm in Perthshire and was educated at Collace Primary School and Perth Academy.


Aileen Campbell studied Politics and History at the University of Glasgow.


At the 2007 Scottish Parliament election, Aileen Campbell was the SNP candidate for the Clydesdale constituency where she finished second but was elected as an additional member for the South of Scotland region due to her being fifth on the SNP's regional list.


Aileen Campbell suffered a minor injury on 23 January 2008, receiving medical treatment at Edinburgh Royal Infirmary before returning to the parliament for a vote.


In early 2009, Aileen Campbell launched the "Play it again" scheme with the Scottish Arts Council and others to encourage people across Scotland to donate their unwanted and unloved musical instruments to be passed on to children across the country to give them the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of music.


Aileen Campbell was nominated for Real Radio's "Best New Scottish Politician 2009 Award".


Aileen Campbell served as Minister for Local Government and Planning from 25 May 2011 until 6 December 2011.


On 18 December 2014, Aileen Campbell began maternity leave and Fiona McLeod acted as Minister for Children and Young People until Aileen Campbell returned on 1 September 2015.


Aileen Campbell was made Cabinet Secretary for Communities and Local Government on 26 June 2018.


In February 2020 Aileen Campbell wrote to MSPs voicing concerns about a Labour party proposal to provide women and trans men in Scotland with free sanitary products.


Aileen Campbell said she was worried about "people outside Scotland seeking access to the products".


Aileen Campbell married Graham Fraser White in Collace Kirk, Perthshire, on 15 August 2009.