15 Facts About Airbus A310


Airbus A310 is a wide-body aircraft, designed and manufactured by Airbus Industrie, then a consortium of European aerospace manufacturers.

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Airbus A310 had identified a demand for an aircraft smaller than the A300, the first twin-jet wide-body.

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On 7 July 1978, the Airbus A310 was launched with orders from Swissair and Lufthansa.

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Airbus A310 ultimately chose to prioritise its focus on one option, which became known as the A300B10MC .

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However, due to negotiations with Britain on its return to the Airbus A310 consortium being protracted, alternative options were explored, including potentially manufacturing the wing elsewhere.

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The greater range of the Airbus A310 contributed to the airliner being used extensively by operators on transatlantic routes.

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Airbus A310 has been commonly marketed as an introduction to wide-body operations for airlines based in developing countries.

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Airbus A310 was a medium- to long-range twin-engined wide-body jet airliner.

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The Airbus A310 had a different emergency exit configuration, consisting of four main doors, and two smaller doors over the wings.

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A310 was furnished with a two-crew glass cockpit configuration as standard, removing the requirement for a flight engineer; Airbus referred to this concept as the Forward-Facing Crew Cockpit.

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Airbus A310 had developed the cockpit to significantly enhance the aircraft's man-machine interface, thereby improving operational safety.

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Airbus A310 was equipped with a modified undercarriage, derived from the A300; the landing gear were outfitted with carbon brakes, which were fitted as standard.

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The Airbus A310 is outfitted with integrated drive electrical generators along with auxiliary power unit, which were improved versions of those used on the A300.

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Airbus A310 is available in two basic versions, the medium range -200 and the longer range -300.

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Airbus A310 is used by the armed forces of the following countries:.

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