12 Facts About Ajman


Ajman is the capital of the emirate of Ajman in the United Arab Emirates.

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Al Bu Kharaiban Nuaimi rule in Ajman started in 1816, when Sheikh Rashid bin Humaid Al Nuaimi and fifty of his followers took the coastal settlement of Ajman from members of the Al Bu Shamis Nuaimi tribe in a short conflict.

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An 1822 British maritime survey noted that Ajman had one of the best backwaters on the coast and was a small town with a single fortified building, the ruler's house.

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The survey noted that the inhabitants of Ajman were 'mostly strict Wahhabis' and recorded the presence of the ruined village of Fasht down the shore from Ajman town, which is today the Fisht suburb of Sharjah city.

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In 1831, the Sheikh of Ajman accepted a subsidy from the Imam of Muscat to join with Sultan bin Saqr of Sharjah against Sohar, but following Sultan's defeat declared for Sohar.

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In retaliation, the forces of Ajman committed 'daring depredations' upon the cities of Sohar and Muscat.

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Ajman is home to the Ruler's office, companies, commercial markets, and about 50 international and local retail shops.

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City Centre Ajman, the Emirate's biggest mall, is a big attraction as well for its unique architectural experience and variety of shops and confectionaries.

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Ajman's corniche is a popular evening and weekend destination for families and features a number of fast food outlets, coffee shops and stalls.

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Ajman's newly developed Al Zorah area is getting a lot of tourist attention.

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Natural port of Ajman is located along a natural creek which penetrates the town.

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Ajman is home to Arab Heavy Industries, one of the world's largest ship manufacturing firms.

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