21 Facts About Akiko Suzuki


Akiko Suzuki is the 2012 World Championships bronze medalist, a three-time Grand Prix Final medalist, a two-time Four Continents silver medalist, the 2007 Winter Universiade champion, and the 2013 Japanese national champion.

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Akiko Suzuki placed eighth at the 2010 and 2014 Winter Olympics.

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Akiko Suzuki became engaged to a former classmate in June 2016 and married him on February 1,2017.

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Akiko Suzuki began working with coach Hiroshi Nagakubo in the early 2000s.

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Akiko Suzuki appeared at two Grand Prix events, winning the 2009 Cup of China and finishing 5th at the 2009 Skate Canada International.

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Akiko Suzuki was assigned to compete at the 2010 Four Continents Championships, where she won the silver medal.

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Akiko Suzuki opened her season with gold at the 2010 Finlandia Trophy.

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Akiko Suzuki received silver at both of her Grand Prix events, the 2010 Cup of Russia and the 2010 Cup of China.

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At the 2012 World Championships, Akiko Suzuki won the bronze medal, becoming the oldest ladies' single skater to medal at the event since Maria Butyrskaya.

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Akiko Suzuki received the same Grand Prix assignments as the previous season.

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Akiko Suzuki fell twice in the free skating, finishing third overall.

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Akiko Suzuki won the silver medal at the 2013 Four Continents Championships, as part of a Japanese sweep of the ladies' event with teammates Mao Asada and Kanako Murakami taking the gold and bronze medal respectively.

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Akiko Suzuki began her season at the 2013 Finlandia Trophy, where she won the silver medal behind Yulia Lipnitskaya.

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Akiko Suzuki won another silver at the 2013 Skate Canada International, again behind Lipnitskaya.

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Akiko Suzuki placed second in the short program behind Asada, but rebounded to first place after winning the free skating.

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Akiko Suzuki skated two clean programs and earned the highest free skating and total score to date in the ladies' event at the Japan Figure Skating Championships.

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At the 2014 Winter Olympics, Akiko Suzuki competed in the free skating portion of the figure skating team event, placing fourth in that segment; Japan finished fifth overall.

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Akiko Suzuki went on to place eighth in the ladies' singles competition.

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Akiko Suzuki has choreographed for Rika Hongo, Yuhana Yokoi, Sota Yamamoto, Lim Eun-soo, and other young skaters.

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Akiko Suzuki credited figure skating choreographers Shae-Lynn Bourne and Pasquale Camerlengo for inspiring her to start working as a choreographer.

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Akiko Suzuki was a main cast member of the annual touring ice show Fantasy on Ice, having participated in all editions from 2010 to 2019.

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