18 Facts About Akua Njeri


Akua Njeri is an American writer, activist and former member of the Illinois Chapter of the Black Panther Party.

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Akua Njeri was born and grew up in Chicago, becoming a political activist at age 12.

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Akua Njeri recalls that her first conversation with Hampton was about poetry.

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Akua Njeri joined the Panthers soon after the Wright College event.

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Akua Njeri worked on their free breakfast program, the free medical clinic, and the free prison busing program for families of the incarcerated.

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Akua Njeri was asleep beside Hampton when agents entered the apartment.

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Akua Njeri was 19 years old and more than eight months pregnant.

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Akua Njeri recalls a police voice saying "He's barely alive; he'll barely make it, " before more shooting began.

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Akua Njeri was handcuffed and led by police from the apartment with a gun pressed to her pregnant belly.

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Akua Njeri was the first survivor released due to her pregnancy and extreme stress.

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Akua Njeri and Hampton's son was born on December 29,1969.

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Akua Njeri first named him Alfred Johnson, but changed his name legally to Fred Hampton Jr when he was ten years old.

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Akua Njeri began to read widely and identified increasingly with Africa.

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Akua Njeri changed her name to Akua Njeri as part of this transition, shedding what she called her "slave name", as did others in the Black Power and Nation of Islam movements.

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In January 1990, Akua Njeri attended the funeral of FBI informant William O'Neal, who had provided information to the FBI that aided the 1969 police raid on the Monroe Street apartment.

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Akua Njeri makes speaking appearances, and co-authored a proposal to name a Chicago block "Chairman Fred Hampton Way".

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In 2019 Akua Njeri and Fred Hampton Jr initiated a GoFundMe project, called “Save the Hampton House, ” in order to acquire and restore Hampton Sr's childhood home in Maywood, Illinois.

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Akua Njeri had not done so in 1969 and felt it was an important show of strength for the character and for Black women.

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