23 Facts About Al Jardine


Al Jardine's song "Lady Lynda" was a UK top 10 hit for the group in 1978.

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Since 2013, Al Jardine has toured as part of Beach Boys founder Brian Wilson's band.

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Al Jardine has released one solo studio album, A Postcard from California .

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Al Jardine was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as a member of the Beach Boys in 1988.

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Alan Charles Al Jardine was born in Lima, Ohio the younger of two children to Virginia and Donald Al Jardine.

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Al Jardine watched Brian and brother Carl Wilson singing at a school assembly.

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Versatile string instrumentalist, Al Jardine played stand-up bass on the Beach Boys' first recording, the song "Surfin'" .

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Al Jardine fully rejoined the Beach Boys in the summer of 1963 at Brian Wilson's request and worked alongside guitarist David Marks with the band until October 1963, when Marks quit the Beach Boys after an altercation with the band's manager, Murry Wilson.

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Al Jardine played double bass on the Beach Boys' first record for Candix Records, "Surfin'", but quit the band a few months later, in February 1962.

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In reality, Al Jardine did not even apply to dental school until 1964, and the reason he left was due to creative differences and his belief that the newly-formed group would not be a commercial success.

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Al Jardine returned to the Beach Boys full-time in 1963 following David Marks' departure.

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Al Jardine first sang lead on "Christmas Day", on 1964's The Beach Boys' Christmas Album and followed with the Number 1 hit "Help Me, Rhonda".

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Al Jardine instigated the Beach Boys' recording of a remake of the Mamas and the Papas' song "California Dreamin'", reaching No 8 on the Billboard adult contemporary chart in 1986.

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Al Jardine continued to tour and recorded with his Endless Summer Band, in a line-up that utilized many longtime Beach Boys touring members, including Billy Hinsche of Dino, Desi and Billy; Ed Carter; Bobby Figueroa; and Al Jardine's sons, Matt and Adam.

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Al Jardine proceeded to appeal this decision in addition to seeking $4 million in damages.

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In March 2008, Al Jardine settled a lawsuit brought against him by Love and the estate of Carl Wilson regarding use of the "Beach Boys" name.

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Al Jardine released A Postcard from California, his solo debut, in June 2010 .

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Al Jardine made his first appearance with the Beach Boys touring band in more than 10 years in 2011 at a tribute concert for Ronald Reagan's 100th birthday, where he sang "Help Me, Rhonda" and "Sloop John B".

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Al Jardine made a handful of other appearances with the touring band in preparation for a reunion.

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Al Jardine contributed to Wilson's Pet Sounds 50th Anniversary World Tour and has been featured in all subsequent tours.

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In July 2016, Al Jardine appeared in an episode of the Adult Swim series Decker, playing the role of the President's "science advisor".

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Al Jardine continued to tour these shows into 2020, while still performing with the Brian Wilson band.

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Al Jardine has authored one book, Sloop John B: A Pirate's Tale, illustrated by Jimmy Pickering.

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