14 Facts About Al Plastino


Alfred John Plastino was an American comics artist best known as one of the most prolific Superman artists of the 1950s, along with his DC Comics colleague Wayne Boring.


Al Plastino worked as a comics writer, editor, letterer, and colorist.


Al Plastino attended the School of Industrial Art in New York City, and afterward began illustrating for Youth Today magazine.


Al Plastino was accepted into the college Cooper Union but chose to continue working as a freelance artist.


Al Plastino was assigned there to the Adjutant General's office, where he designed war posters and field manuals.


Al Plastino, who had heard that Superman artists were receiving $55 a page, negotiated a $50 rate.


Early on at DC, Al Plastino was forced to copy Wayne Boring's style but gradually began using his own style.


Al Plastino did 48 Superman covers as well as countless DC stories.


Al Plastino worked on several titles within the Superman family of comics, including Superboy and Superman's Girl Friend, Lois Lane.


In 1996, Al Plastino was one of the many artists who contributed to the Superman: The Wedding Album one-shot wherein the title character married Lois Lane.


Al Plastino drew the syndicated Batman with Robin the Boy Wonder comic strip from March 17,1968, to January 1,1972 and was the uncredited ghost artist on the Superman strip from 1960 to 1966.


Al Plastino worked on Sunday episodes of Nancy from 1982 to 1983 after Ernie Bushmiller died.


Plastino's official website says the artist was commissioned by the United Media newspaper syndicate to ghost Peanuts when Charles Schulz underwent heart surgery in 1983, but David Michaelis, author of Schulz and Peanuts: A Biography, revealed that syndicate president William C Payette had hired Plastino to draw a backlog of Peanuts strips during contract negotiations with Schulz in the 1970s.


Al Plastino lived for many years in Shirley, New York, on Long Island.