26 Facts About Al Pollard


Alfred Lee Pollard was a professional football fullback and halfback.


Al Pollard resigned from the school after being involved in an cribbing scandal which decimated the ranks of Army's sports teams.


Al Pollard was drafted by the New York Yanks in the 21st round of the 1951 NFL Draft, and Pollard played a total of 30 games in the NFL with the Yanks and the Philadelphia Eagles, scoring one career touchdown.


Al Pollard move back to Pennsylvania and became a color commentator on Eagles broadcasts, first with CBS television from 1961 to 1964, and then on WIP radio, where he worked with play-by-play man Charlie Swift from 1969 to 1976.


Al Pollard was born in Glendale, California, on September 7,1928.


Al Pollard starred as a halfback at Loyola High School, where he excelled at executing T formations.


Not heavily recruited by major colleges, Pollard decided to attend Loyola University, now known as Loyola Marymount, where high school coach William H Sargent would be coaching.


Al Pollard's 1947 recruiting class was known as the "Golden Boys", and the Los Angeles Times said he was the most glamorous of them.


Gil Reich, his roommate at West Point, noted that he and several other friends of Al Pollard frequently helped each other so as to not see anyone drop out.


Al Pollard was named to the Associated Press and United Press All-East teams.


Al Pollard called Moose Krause, athletic director at Notre Dame, about transferring and playing for their football program, but was informed the Notre Dame Fighting Irish had not accepted transfers for six years.


Al Pollard was selected by the New York Yanks as the eighth pick in the 21st round of the 1951 NFL Draft and 251st overall.


Al Pollard played six games with the Yanks, where he rushed for two yards and received 18.


Al Pollard recovered two fumbles, returned 15 punts for 114 yards, and returned 14 kickoffs for 326 yards.


Al Pollard was some kind of physical-fitness nut, and between plays he'd stand there doing jumping jacks or handstands or some such nonsense.


Al Pollard was at the center of a small brawl with the San Francisco 49ers in their game on September 28,1953.


In September 1954, he heard his minutes would be slashed, and after the second exhibition game, Al Pollard retired from the Eagles.


Al Pollard avoided the legal tangle by never officially signing with another team again, thus voiding the reserve clause on his contract.


When considering joining the Western Interprovincial Football Union, Al Pollard reported being given a good deal of propaganda to turn him away.


Al Pollard was picked up by the British Columbia Lions of the WIFU, with whom he played for until 1956.


Al Pollard then played a single season for the Calgary Stampeders in 1957.


Al Pollard did not see much action with the Stampeders and ended his career due to health problems.


Al Pollard became sports director of CKLG radio station in Vancouver.


Between 1976 until the mid-1980s, upon retiring from broadcasting, Al Pollard owned and managed an ice skating rink and tennis court facility in Valley Forge, Pennsylvania.


Al Pollard was regional sales manager for a large commercial web printing company and participated in organizations such as Eagles Alumni.


On March 2,2002, Al Pollard died at his home in Devon, Pennsylvania, at the age of 73.