21 Facts About Al Toon


Al Toon is considered to be among the Jets' all-time greatest wide receivers and overall players in franchise history.

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In high school Al Toon was well known for his accomplishments in track and field.

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Al Toon is one of three Newport News Peninsula District athletes to surpass 50 feet in the triple jump, which he did three times.

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Al Toon used that jumping ability as a wide receiver on Menchville High School's football team.

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Al Toon played football and ran track at the University of Wisconsin–Madison from 1981 to 1984.

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Al Toon set a Big Ten single game receiver record while at the UW and established new school career football records for receptions, receiving yards and touchdown catches at the end of this three season tenure for the Wisconsin Badgers.

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Al Toon set Big Ten and school records in track and field in the Triple Jump while qualifying for the Olympic Trials in 1983 in the 110 High Hurdles and the Triple Jump.

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Al Toon was selected by the New York Jets in the 1st round of the 1985 NFL Draft.

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Al Toon managed to become the Jets' second leading receiver during his 1985 rookie season.

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Al Toon retired at the age of 29 in 1992 as a result of suffering at least nine concussions over his eight-year career.

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Al Toon is one of two retired players in NFL history to play fewer than 110 games and still record over 500 receptions.

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Al Toon was previously a president of the University of Wisconsin's National W Club, a varsity letter winners club.

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Al Toon developed AT8 Companies to own, develop, and manage his commercial real estate portfolio.

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Al Toon became both a Taco Bell franchisee and Hilton Garden Inn franchisee after his 8-year NFL stint.

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Al Toon served on the board of directors of the National Guardian Life Insurance Company .

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Al Toon served on the board of directors of the Green Bay Packers.

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Al Toon, who suffered from post-concussion syndrome, has improved to the point that he was able to compete in a triathlon in 2004.

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Al Toon is married to Jane and has a son and three daughters.

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Al Toon's son, Nick, was a football standout in high school at Middleton, Wisconsin and played as a receiver for the Wisconsin Badgers, as his father did.

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Nicholas Al Toon was drafted by the New Orleans Saints in the 4th round of the 2012 NFL Draft and played four years in the NFL.

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Al Toon now owns and runs an online retail sales business along with a focus on real estate ownership and management with his wife.

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