14 Facts About Alagia Fieschi


Alagia Fieschi, known as Alagia di Nicolo Fieschi and Alagia di Fieschi, was the daughter of Count Nicolo Fieschi and niece of Pope Adrian V Alagia married Moroello Malaspina in the 1280s and they had five children.

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In Dante Alighieri's Divine Comedy, Alagia is remembered by Adrian V at the end of his conversation with Dante as the only virtuous woman in his family whom he wishes to pray on his behalf.

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Alagia Fieschi descended from a wealthy Genoese family, the Fieschi, who expansively held land between Chiavari and Sestri.

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Alagia Fieschi was the daughter of Nicolo Fieschi, a count in the Fieschi family of Lavagna.

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Alagia Fieschi married Moroello Malaspina, who was the son of Manfredi di Giovagallo of the Spino Secco at the end of the thirteenth century, seemingly around the 1280s.

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Alagia Fieschi had a sister named Fiesca, who married to a Malaspinian, Alberto Malaspina, and a brother named Luca.

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Luca Alagia Fieschi was an influential cardinal at the Avignon papal court.

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Alagia Fieschi is deemed to have spent most of her life in Manfredina's house until the year Luchino died.

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Nicolo, Alagia Fieschi's father, had gained sole ownership of the property in 1315.

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In Purgatorio, the second canticle of Dante's Divine Comedy, Pope Adrian V, whom Dante meets in the fifth terrace of Mount Purgatory, speaks of Alagia Fieschi by portraying her as the only virtuous woman in his family whose prayer can contribute to his salvation.

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Tone in which Adrian V speaks of Alagia Fieschi is partly melancholic as it represents Alagia Fieschi as a virtuous woman whom he worries about because she is surrounded by non-virtuous people.

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Alagia Fieschi had a positive view of the family not just because they welcomed him but because he deemed them to be virtuous.

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Finally, Alagia's cousin Elenora Fieschi was married to Bernabo Doria, who was son of Branca Doria.

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Dante's mention of Alagia Fieschi, therefore, offers a glimpse into his views on certain historical events, but his celebration of Alagia Fieschi as a virtuous woman is a noteworthy element.

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