26 Facts About Alain Baxter


Alain Baxter was born on 26 December 1973 and is a Scottish former alpine skier who was formerly a professional specialising in the slalom discipline.

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Alain Baxter is best known for failing a drug test after finishing third in the men's slalom of the 2002 Winter Olympics, resulting in him being controversially stripped of the bronze medal; he would have become the first British person to win an Olympic medal in a skiing event.

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Alain Baxter was allowed to return to competition, although his appeal to have the medal reinstated failed.

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Alain Baxter was born on 26 December 1973 in Edinburgh, Scotland.

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Alain Baxter is the son of Iain and Sue Baxter, who were both British Ski Team members.

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Alain Baxter's father named him after Alan Breck Stewart, a character from the Robert Louis Stevenson novel Kidnapped, who was a rebellious Highlander.

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Alain Baxter steadily worked his way through the world rankings, making the top 100 in time for the 1998 Nagano Winter Olympics.

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Alain Baxter returned home to Aviemore to a hero's welcome and a parade around the town in an open top bus.

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Alain Baxter stated that he had not knowingly ingested, and that he would not make any further statement until the IOC's inquiry and disciplinary commissions ruled on his case.

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The International Olympic Committee held a private two-day hearing in Lausanne, where Alain Baxter would be able to speak, with the outcome expected the following week.

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Alain Baxter returned the medal, for it to be awarded to Austrian Benjamin Raich.

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Alain Baxter later proved the source of levomethamphetamine was from a Vicks inhaler that he had used in the United States.

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Alain Baxter had been unaware that the contents were different from those found in the UK version.

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Alain Baxter's appeal rested on whether levAmphetamine was performance-enhancing, Vicks and other expert witnesses explained that it was a decongestant, and had negligible stimulant properties.

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Alain Baxter did not take a banned substance, as levAmphetamine was not on the list, but it was Dr Catlin's evidence which the appeal committee believed.

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In 2004 Alain Baxter won his seventh British Slalom title, a record that was unequalled until Dave Ryding won a seventh title in 2016.

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Alain Baxter was well respected by the more established skiing nations and his talent was the best the UK had produced.

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Alain Baxter competed in the 2006 Winter Olympics at Turin, where he finished 16th in the slalom.

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Alain Baxter is a keen player of shinty, and turned out for Kincraig Shinty Club when that club was still active.

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Alain Baxter won the 2005 British Superstars event, defeating Du'aine Ladejo who had edged Alain Baxter out for the 2003 title.

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Alain Baxter had some assistance from the Scottish Institute of Sport's talent transfer programme.

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Alain Baxter made his debut on a track bike racing at Manchester Velodrome on 5 December 2009, at part of the Revolution - Season 6.

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Alain Baxter set himself a goal of racing in the Commonwealth Games in 2010 which he unfortunately did not achieve.

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In 2015, Alain Baxter took part in Red Bull Crashed Ice racing events in Belfast and Quebec as part of a Scottish side.

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Alain Baxter's cousin Lesley McKenna is a leading professional snowboarder and winner of two World Cups.

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Alain Baxter married businesswoman Sheila Dow in 2006, after the two met at Finlay Mickel's wedding the previous year.

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